Imagine the Future

Dear Supporter,

IMAGINE a student who dreams of becoming a pilot being nurtured, molded and prepared for acceptance to the premiere aeronautical university in the nation.

IMAGINE a young woman who yearns to achieve success beyond the experiences of her family, attend college and has an interest in someday learning to fly.

IMAGINE a freshman arriving in high school with no direction or thoughts about his future who gains focus and academic excellence to become the first in his family to attend college.

IMAGINE a young man who finds a healthy, safe environment where he can grow in character, strength and academics instead of being urged toward gang involvement.

IMAGINE a natural leader of strong intellect who is able to attend the college of his choice because of a generous scholarship.

IMAGINE an insecure young woman who finds friendship and gains courage and confidence through supportive discipline.

IMAGINE community members, school board, principal, counselors, teachers and students all working together to make this program succeed.

AND JUST IMAGINE a community which recognizes the need for a program which can uniquely and successfully address the individual needs and goals of a very diverse group of students -- a community which responded to the need to support this program when it was threatened.

These stories are not fictitious. They represent only a few of the wonderful students I have become acquainted with since I became involved. Please take this opportunity to learn more about the Air Force JROTC and join our effort to spread the word about this treasure of a program which serves all North Bay students in and near Marin County.

Susan Miller

President, BBCA